Nosotros Newest Single ‘Mentiras’ Is an Anthem for Change

Santa Fe, NM — Nosotros, the critically acclaimed 10-piece Latin music band known for their vibrant fusion of rhythms and socially conscious lyrics, release their latest single titled “Mentiras.” In the wake of a tumultuous political climate and presidential voting year, this song emerges as a powerful anthem that takes a pointed look at political dishonesty, advocates for unity, released, and asks everyone to get active and vote.

With an upbeat groove, backed by the power of the band’s renowned horns, “Mentiras” is a song that speaks bilingually and directly to those in power. MC and lyricist, Daniel French of Las Cafeteras, known for his activism and work in uplifting Latinx communities dove into the heart of societal frustrations.

Nosotros explains, “The English lyrics Daniel wrote for the rap are perfect. It’s a call to action; to feel empowered to raise our voices and make the changes we need in our government. Favorite lines: “Time is ticking and the facts are undeniable. We got receipts and a beat to make the truth go viral”; “Don’t get jaded, just get active.” They add, “Probably our favorite lyric of the song is the first word, “oye”. Which means “listen”. We’re telling politicians to listen from the get go. We need your attention. You must hear what we have to say. From there it goes into “Ya no creo en tus mentiras.” or “ I no longer believe your lies”. We wanted to set the tone of the song, right off the bat.”

While urging listeners to challenge the status quo, they call out politicians for not working for the people they represent. The band comments, “The inspiration for the song came from knowing that Washington is bought and paid for by big corporate money, and the wealthy, and that’s the real reason we can’t have universal healthcare, free education, clean energy, end poverty and income inequality and provide a living wage for everyone.”

The title, “Mentiras,” means “lies” in Spanish and serves as a poignant reminder of the deceptive narratives often spun by those in power. Nosotros comments, “The biggest problems in our country are rooted in the fact that politicians are bought and paid for – and the lies they toss around effortlessly to cover it up. It’s the biggest lie that very few politicians have the guts to admit. We need to unite and call them out for their lies. Get money out of politics and we’ll start to see real, significant change. By politicians not admitting to this, they are lying. Dark money = lies.”

The new song was recorded over a few months with trusted friends at the helm. Most of the music and vocals were recorded at their hang out the Fw Studios owned and run by the band’s drummer, Dennis Javier Jasso. The drums and percussion were recorded at The Kitchen Sink with Jono Manson, an amazing engineer and musician. The horns were recorded at Frogville Studios with long-time friend and engineer Jason Reed. They worked with the Grammy award-winning mix engineer Marc Whitmore (Jon Batiste) and Luis Herrera, the multi-Grammy winner mastering engineer. 

The band tapped Raul Pacheco of Ozomatli as the producer who helped mold the new song into a power anthem! The three-time Grammy winner is a close friend of the band. “Working with Raul as a producer might be the best decision we’ve ever made as a band. He really helped mold this song into what it is now. He really brought out the best in us in the studio without ever making us feel the pressure and stress that can often be felt in the studio.” 

Looking back, Nosotros remarks, “This single represents a significant evolution for us as a band.” Continuing they say, “We wanted to blend our signature Latin groove with elements of disco and introduce a rap section for the first time. It’s about pushing boundaries while staying true to our roots and the messages we believe in.”

Nosotros hope to spark meaningful conversations about political accountability and inspire listeners to engage actively in shaping a better future. With its infectious rhythms, thought-provoking lyrics, and powerful message, “Mentiras” stands as a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to social consciousness through music. The new music is set to be a part of an upcoming EP or Album that the band is currently creating. In the meantime, audiences and fans can catch Nosotros performing the new music live. For up-to-date touring information visit:

Nosotros — Mentiras feat. Danie French (Official Music Video)

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