Tortilla Factory Teases Groundbreaking Cumbia Collaboration

Paula DeAnda and Alfredo Antonio Guerrero at Recording Academy Texas Chapter Block Party in Austin, Texas, on March 13, 2024. | Photo: Lupe Moya, LM Media Solutions

Following the success of the remake of “Somos Novios” featuring R&B singer Paula Deanda and her late cousin Gilbert Deanda, aka El Coyote, the late original singer of the legendary band, Tortilla Factory is back with a teaser for their second single from the highly-anticipated 50th-anniversary album. The upcoming bilingual track, “Tus Ojos (I’m What You Need)”, is an international cumbia featuring Paula Deanda, rapper The GameGabriel Zavala, and two-time Grammy-winning group Mariachi Divas.

The track, produced by award-winning hitmaker Zavala, showcases Deanda’s impressive vocal range, the smooth flow of The Game, and the signature groove of Tortilla Factory. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to be a game-changer in the music scene, blending different genres and styles in a unique and captivating way.

”I would describe it as the roots of our cultura, of our cumbia cultura, together with R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop, but I kept it Tejano-Chicano, carnal” bandleader Alfredo Antonio Guerrero tells Tejano Nation Radio host Romeo.

The single is expected to be released in late April, adding to the anticipation and excitement among fans and music enthusiasts for a collaboration that comes full circle as Alfredo’s late father, Tony “Ham” Guerrero, and Paula’s late cousin, Gilbert, started Tortilla Factory over five decades ago.

”We’re both from San Angelo, where Tortilla Factory was born, and her first cousin was the original singer for Tortilla Factory,” Alfredo says of Paula. “How this has turned into such a big full circle that it’s me and her now and in 1973 it was my dad and her first cousin, Coyote.”

Tortilla Factory leader Alfredo Antonio Guerrero feels blessed to have this groundbreaking collaboration as he leads Tortilla Factory into its next generation. He believes it was divine intervention that brought this collaboration together, especially after the tragic loss of his daughter and granddaughter. This new single is not just a testament to the band’s resilience and evolution, but also a tribute to their enduring legacy.

”This has been musical therapy for my soul and to do it on such a big level, the biggest level that there is in music is just something that was my father’s vision since day one. But, my vision for us is worldwide and we finally got there,” added Alfredo.

“Tus Ojos (I’m What You Need)” from Tortilla Factory featuring Paula DeAnda, The Game, and Maricha Divas is expected to be released later this month on all digital music platforms. Look for the much-anticipated 50th anniversary album later this year.

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