Percy Cardona Delivers ‘Full Moon’, First Country Music Solo Effort

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Percy Cardona, the renowned accordionist for The Mavericks, is stepping into the limelight with the release of his new single, “Full Moon”. After fulfilling his contract as a background singer and accordionist for Sting on the “57th and 9th Tour” in 2017, Cardona embarked on a journey to discover his unique sound. “Full Moon” is the first of several singles that the artist plans to release this year.

Cardona’s previous works, primarily in Spanish, are rooted in the Conjunto genre prevalent in South Texas. While the Tex-Mex influence is evident in his new English material, the neotraditional country influence is undeniable. Cardona wears many hats in this endeavor, serving as the producer, arranger, and solo writer of the song, as well as providing the vocals, accordion, bass guitar, and some percussion.

“Squeezebox may be my weapon of choice, but there’s plenty of fiddle and steel featured in this upbeat shuffle, as well as some ol’ saloon piano chops,” said Cardona. “I’ve been working on a style that pushed the boundaries of my capabilities over the last 6 years. It was a challenge, but I felt confident that I was onto something I’d be proud of.”

The track features notable contributions from Lonnie Wilson on drums, who has contributed to many Country hits such as Tim McGraw‘s “Where The Green Grass Grows”, Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”, and Brooks and Dunn’s “Neon Moon”. Travis Toy, currently touring with Luke Bryan, lends his steel guitar, while fiddler Cassandra Sotos rounds out the classic country instrumentation. Recording Academy Governor Eddie Perez added his talents on bajo quinto—an instrument predominantly used in the Conjunto and Norteño genres. The piano was tracked by Sinuhe Aussenac, acoustic guitars were recorded by Rufus Miller and Chalmers Croft, electric guitars feature Glen Mead and Jerry Fuentes, and congas were provided by Lorenzo Molina.

“I wrote this song after witnessing many people place blame elsewhere and refusing to take responsibility,” said Cardona.”I wondered if they realized they weren’t fooling anyone or if they’re just looking to fool themselves. I’ve written many songs about different aspects of life. I look forward to sharing them with you in due time.”

Percy Cardona, a fourth-generation musician from Big Wells, TX, continues to tour with The Mavericks while carving out his own path in the music industry. With “Full Moon” now available on all digital music outlets, Cardona is set to make his mark as a solo artist, bringing his voice and his squeezebox to the forefront of the country genre.

Percy Cardona — Full Moon

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