Eunice expresses ‘Lo Que Soy’ with debut album

Courtesy of Colibri Music Records

Eunice released her debut album, Lo Que Soy, on May 20 from Colibri Music Records. The album is the best way to describe the 26-year-old Tejano singer from Tlatelolco, Mexico City, who is an intense dreamer.

Eunice launched her debut single “Quien Mas Te Amo” last December, and the song by the Mexican singer was well received collecting over 15,000 Spotify streams.

Eunice — “Quien Mas Te Amo”

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“Since my first single was released, not only did my career as an artist begin, but I was able to begin to fulfill one of the biggest dreams I had since I was a child: Becoming a Singer,” Eunice tells Tejano Nation.

Despite the fact that her parents and family are not musical in any sort of way, they taught her to appreciate and enjoy every aspect of the world of music.

“I would be lying when I say that Tejano music was 100% present in my upbringing, but it was a process that over time I began to value, I think it is a wonderful genre that deserves to be placed at a global level,” said Eunice. “These reasons are what would lead me to decide that my first musical release should be embraced by the genre of Tejano music.”

“Siempre Estaré” was the second single released from her debut album, a special tribute to all the people who have left this world. The track is full of different nuances, starting with the idea of ​​having a saxophone within the instrumentation.

“Siempre Estaré” — Eunice

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The production team of Christopher AlvaMario SanmartiAlejandro Gonzalez, and Vladimir Suarez shaped the wow factor for the album, looking for innovation within Tejano without losing the traditional essence.

Eunice has begun her artistic career with performances at various venues in her home country of Mexico with plans of touring the U.S.

“Making Tejano music from the center of Mexico seems crazy, knowing that on this side there is not a strong industry like in Texas and northern Mexico,” said Eunice. “However, I would like my audience to know that I did not decide to be part of this world for trend, I do it primarily because I love music and because in the Tejano genre, I found a way to express lyrically and musically ‘Lo Que Soy.’ Long live Tejano music!”

The debut album from Eunice, Lo Que Soy, is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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