David Farias drops second single from ‘El Maestro De La Acordeón’ album

Courtesy of Freddie Records

David Fariasreleased his new albumEl Maestro De LaAcordeónin June and had success with his lead single “Oye Chula.” Now, the Grammy winner has released the second single “Porque Quiero Enamorarme De Ti.”

The track was written byJoe Revelez, who also penned a few more songs for the debut album for Farias withFreddie Recordsafter signing with the legendary record label in 2019.Freddie Martinez Sralso wrote a few songs for the album.

“I’m very excited to be with one of the biggest labels — the legend just celebrated 50 years,” Farias tellsTejano Nation. “Freddie Sr, (Freddie Martinez) Jr, Marc (Martinez), John (Martinez), everybody, just great guys there.”

“Just to have something new feels good, it’s been about a year and half maybe two years,” Farias said about the time between album releases.

Farias was excited to record at the famedLegends Sound Studiosin Corpus Christi, Texas. “It’s like walking into a candy store or going to Disney Land,” he said. “It’s just amazing what Freddie has done through the years, besides his music throughout his career. Opening a lot of doors for us musicians and having his own studio. But just walking in there, there’s a lot of history, a lot of good vibes.”

El Maestro De LaAcordeónfrom David Farias is available atFreddieStore.comand all major digital music platforms.

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