Di Marie continues theme of break-up songs with new single ‘Déjate Amar’

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Di Marieis known to many as the “Taylor Swift of Tejano Music” as much of her songs deal with relationships and breakups and her latest single is no different. “Déjate Amar” is a song that deals with a breakup that was written and produced by her brotherDavid L. Garzaafter he witnessed his sister going through a difficult breakup.

“He wrote it about me,” giggled Di Marie in a phone interview withTejano Nation. “I always say it’s always having to deal with me or my life and it continues. I got out of a relationship and you know everybody goes through those bumpy times and again it’s always something, you know.”

“He was like, ‘Di, you just have to open yourself up, you’ve got to let yourself be loved and you’ve got to let somebody else in.’ Because you know you become real bitter after a relationship and you’re just kind of like, I just wan’t to be by myself and that’s pretty much the state I was in and he wrote that song about me,” she added.

The San Antonio-based singer, who was nominated for Best New Female Artist at theTejano Music Awardsin 2015 after the release of her debut albumTodo de Mi, says her latest single has a great summertime vibe.

“It’s a really great song, it’s got like a reggae, Hawaiian flavor to it,” said Di Marie. “I listen to it and I want to go to the beach, you know what I mean. It’s a fun song and I think everybody that’s heard it really enjoys it and I’m just really proud of it.”

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“Déjate Amar” will be part of the highly-anticipated third album from Di Marie that’s expected to be released before the end of the year. It will be the follow-up to her sophomore album,La Culpable, released in 2017.

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