Joe Vic Reyna drops sax-driven cumbia ‘La Cuarentena’

Joe Vic Reynaturned his time quarantined during the pandemic into a new cumbia titled “La Cuarentena” released on Jan. 30.

The singer and musician shared details on his new single withTejano Nation. “Because of what we’re going through, someone needed to make a song about it, might as well let it be me right,” said Reyna. “It was me and my cousin actually, we were just here at the house not going out and all of a sudden I wanted to write a song,”

Reyna is currently a member ofLa Pura Sabrosura, the band for cumbia iconFito Olivares, who Reyna says is a major influence in his music.

“He’s been my idol for all these years and my inspiration for my style of music comes from him,” said Reyna. “If you put his music next to my music, you definitely see the similarities.”

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The saxophonist started his own group, Los Kumbacheros, in 2010. He released two albums,Cumbias Sin Fronterasin 2013 andEl Kumbacheroin 2015. His debut album earned Reyna a nomination for Best New Male Artist at the 33rd annualTejano Music Awardsin 2013.

“La Cuarentena” from Joe Vic Reyna Y Los Kumbacheros is available at all digital music outlets.

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