Missy covers ‘El Más Querido’ for third single from upcoming album

“El Más Querido” was a song recorded by “La Reina de Musica Tejana,”Laura Canales, in 1984 and now veteran Tejano singerMissyhas released her version of the song.

Missy, who is making a comeback to Tejano music after surviving stage 4 lymphoma cancer, wanted to cover a song from one of her biggest influences for her latest single from her upcoming album.

“This song has some powerful lyrics, I’m all about lyrics,” Missy tellsTejano Nation. “I first heard this song, oh my gosh, it’s been, you know years that I’ve been listening to international music and then of course Tejano music. When I first heard this song it was one of the guitars I loved to practice on the guitar and sing at the backyard barbecues.”

The classic tune has been recorded by many singers over the years, includingJuan Gabriel, who composed the song, andRocio Durcal.

“It’s just a song that talks about the facts of life,” added Missy. “Everything has a beginning and an end, as well in a relationship and that’s what the song’s talking about, even though a relationship is ending, you still care about that person that was your love in your life. You’ll never forget that one person.”

“El Más Querido” is the third single from Missy’s forthcoming album,Que Haria Sin Ti, that is scheduled for release in October.

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