Tejano Highway 281 guitarist Tiger Gonzales injured in drive-by shooting

Tiger Gonzales | Photo: Vic Gonzalez

Tejano Highway 281guitaristTiger Gonzaleswas injured during a drive-by shooting after a show by the band in Edinburg, Texas Friday night.

Tejano Highway 281 leaderChris Rodriguezsharednews of the incident via Facebookon Saturday morning. “We were involved in an accidental drive-by shooting that occurred late last night,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, one of our musicians was grazed in the head by a stray bullet and suffered lacerations to the back of his head by the shattered pieces of the window.”

Gonzales is in stable condition at a San Antonio area hospital and does not have any life-threatening injuries. He posted an update via Facebook on Saturday afternoon. “I have a bullet fragment lodged in my head that surgeon’s refuse to remove at this time,” he wrote. “I did have a mild heart attack and will be seeing a cardiologist for possible surgery.”

Tejano Highway 281 road managerMayra Dee Salinaswas severely shaken over the whole incident and is being monitored and tested for her heart condition. GuitaristVictor Campa, Jr.was also shaken by the incident the bullet missed him by just inches, according to Rodriguez.

Tejano Highway 281 | Photo: Vic Gonzalez

“We were most certainly at the wrong place at the wrong time, but thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, we are all ok,” added Rodriguez.

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