Lucy Rodriguez releases original single “Mi Principe”

Courtesy of Emerald Records

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – “Mi Principe” is an important work forLucy Rodriguez, which bears the inner love and emotion in her heart. According to Lucy, this production “appeals to the audience’s universal desire to be with that one person, upon which we are willing to open our hearts and display our unconditional love.”

Lucy collaborated on this challenging song with authorCris “Chofo” Viverosand was produced under the direction of Grammy Award winner,Lorenzo “Papo” Banda. Lucy shared that “Cris, as an author and musician, has a talent to quickly transform emotions into beautiful lyrics”, which combined with Banda’s unique melodies produced an “amazing and catchy song which you can’t get out of your head.”

In fact, Lucy warns that this song not only will stay in your head but also “make you appreciate the devotion you receive from your loved ones”.

“Mi Principe” is Lucy’s first release of 2021, the follow-up to “Esto es Navidad” and “Golpes en el Corazon” released in 2020, and will be featured in an upcoming album. Lucy challenges the audience to feel the emotion by streaming and downloading “Mi Principe” and perhaps guess who might have inspired the song.

“Mi Principe” is found on all major platforms beginning February 14th and is released byEmerald Records.

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