U.S. congressman introduces resolution honoring Tejano legends

U.S. congressmanFilemon Vela, (D-Brownsville), introduced a resolution to honor and celebrate the achievements of Tejano music artists. The resolution specifically congratulates the musical contributions ofFreddy Fender,Roberto Pulido,Flaco JiménezandSelena Quintanilla.

Tejano, which translates to Texan in Spanish, is a popular music genre originating from the meshing of Czech, German and other Eastern European settlers’ polka music with traditional Mexican music. Tejano music has been the musical backbone of Texas and its culture since the early 20th century.

“Through their timeless music, Freddy Fender, Roberto Pulido, Flaco Jiménez, and Selena Quintanilla paved the way for Tejano and Latino stars throughout the United States. Their legacy continues to share with the world the richness and strength of South Texas culture and heritage, spanning borders and language barriers,” said Vela. “I am proud to introduce this resolution, which honors their contributions to the cultural heritage and diversity of this great country and its people.”

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